1. Actually Solving a Problem (believe it or not)

    Just dropping a quick note to applaud Greg Beaver...

    In a time where php.internals is becoming more and more useless due to an increasingly poor signal to noise ratio (I've been thinking about this for almost a year now, so I've _got_ to blog about it in more detail, soon), Greg has stepped up and intelligently addressed the ongoing namespace debate in a way that not only shows that he's done his homework, but delivers a much needed stomp onto the toes of many of the other posters, who, quite frankly, are talking out of their a$$es.

    I'm sure Greg's points will be debated into eternity by people who need a serious beating with the Clue Stick, and even if he does prove to be wrong on some counts by those who actually do get it, at least he had the courage and the patience to step up and post what appears to be a reasonable solution.

    Kudos to you, Mr. Beaver, I'm glad you have the stamina to continue sowing seeds of enlightenment—I lost the will to pursue this endeavor a long time ago.

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    • Hi Sean,

      It wasn't really my intention to stomp on anyone's toes - I usually am pretty explicit if that is my goal :).

      I just think there is a real way to use namespaces, and it's looking like more and more a problem of documenting best practices over changing the implementation, much to my surprise - I spent a lot of energy devising patches to the engine in order to do the namespace thing slightly differently, which is a very useful way to actually understand the ramifications of proposed changes, I highly recommend it to others with a vested interest in some new feature being inserted into the PHP core.