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I’ve been contributing to the PHP project (and community) since 2002.

You can find my fingerprints on the documentation, support sites, PEAR and PECL.


A Read-Eval-Print-Loop for PHP. I contributed some bug fixes and additions to this project.

for others


Habari is a PHP blogging engine that was done right. There are a number of reasons why Habari is technically superior, but one of the best things about Habari is its community.

I’ve written chunks of the Habari engine, developed plugins, particpate in the community, and am a member of the Habari PMC.

My blog is a customized instance of Habari.


I spend a lot of time on IRC. It’s a great communications medium for work and friends (and often both). Phergie is an IRC bot that helps make this daily experience more pleasant. I’ve written a few plugins, and fixed a few bugs in this project.


Some of my other, old contributions can be found on my ohloh page. Other patches are often linked from my github page.

on his own

Simple Tweet

Simple Tweet is — as you may have guessed from the name — a simple library that I wrote for integrating with Twitter. It probably does a little more or a little less than you need.


The Tokalizer is a token-based source analyzer for PHP. Its first job was to make PHP diffs more useful, but it branched out into a parser. This project is mostly defunct, now, but the code may be useful to some of you.