1. Douglas Crockford: JavaScript Hero

    Douglas Crockford: JavaScriptA week or so ago, I stumbled upon the YUI Theater, while taking yet another look at the Yahoo! User Interface library.

    On the theater page, there are a number of talks from Yahoo!'s Javascript Architect, Douglas Crockford. Crockford is a really smart guy, and if you do any JavaScript development, you owe it to yourself to spend 2 hours watching to his class, "The JavaScript Programming Language."

    I just finished watching the first "Advanced JavaScript" video, and I'm hungry for more (but I do need to sleep )-: ). I'll be watching the others, soon. There's also a DOM series from Crockford that I'll be taking a look at.

    Even if you consider yourself pretty familiar with JavaScript (as many of us do), I don't think you'll find it a waste of time. The guy's incredibly smart.

    (Incidentally, Douglas Crockford is the guy behind JSLint, which I discovered, independently, before he mentioned it in the video. Check that out, too.)