1. Goodbye, OmniTI

    Today is my last day at OmniTI.

    From an email I just sent out to my soon-to-be-past colleagues:

    “I sincerely wish you continued success as a company, and also as individuals who truly make up a significant portion of the best people in this industry. There are many things that OmniTI does very well, and I won't hesitate to refer business your way when the situation arises.

    This past year and a half (or so) has been a bumpy road, but I'm absolutely sure I will look back on my time with OmniTI as a net-positive. Thank you all for supporting me and my team with our sometimes-(absurd | stupid | obvious | amateur | tough) questions and requests.”

    The road ahead for OmniTI doesn't look nearly as bumpy, but after a very long period of thought, I finally decided to pursue other options around 6 weeks ago, and will now join the ranks of the funemployed.

    Thanks for the opportunities, experience, insight, and tough problems, OmniTI.

    2010 will be a great year. I'm already excited about some of the prospects that are in my future.

    Bonus points if the title of this post seems familiar. (-: