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Ideas of March

Around two weeks ago, Chris wrote a blog post that I responded to, and I was reminded of some of the great conversations that helped build our community. Many of these took place on the blogs of the aughts.

Like Chris, I think we've lost a bit of that. I've seen what feels like hundreds of conversations fly by on Twitter, 140 characters at a time: incomplete thoughts crammed into a package that's simply too small for detailed and deep expression. Don't get me wrong—a stream like Twitter (or maybe not Twitter itself) is valuable for quick thoughts and light conversation, but we often need more than that.

Thus, like others, I am pledging to do more blogging this year than last, starting now.

I recently spoke at ConFoo, and I intend to turn my Fifty Things talk into a series of short blog posts. I've also been mulling over a post on how and why we ported Gimme Bar from CouchDB to MongoDB. Those will hopefully pave the way and form a habit and personal culture of blogging. Please feel free to hold me to this intent, and if you have a blog, I hope you'll join this effort of creating a blogging revival (and if you don't yet have a blog, check out Habari).

See you soon.