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Ideas of March

A year ago, I posted about Ideas of March, which Chris got rolling.

In it, I pledged to blog more.

Today, I am not so proud to say that I have mostly failed to do so. If I had to come up with a reason, I'd have to say that, personally, 2011 turned out a whole lot different than I was expecting, back then—and not in a good way.

Over the last year, however, I did post a few things that I think were interesting, and worth of a re-read (at risk of making this post into a clip show):

PHP Community Conference
…a post about why I was excited about going to the PHP Community Conference in Nashville, last May. It turned out to be even better than I expected, and I'm really excited that plans are coming together for a 2012 edition.
Gimme Bar no longer on CouchDB and Gimme Bar on MongoDB
…a pair of posts describing some problems we had with CouchDB, and our smooth transition to MongoDB. We're still on MongoDB, and for the most part, I still really like it. I'd hinted about these posts in last year's Ideas of March post.
…on Webshell which I still use almost daily, but has most certainly fallen out of a reasonable upkeep schedule. I really need to find some time to clean out the cobwebs. If you use HTTP and know JavaScript, you should check it out.
Aficionado's Curse/Pessimistic Optimism
…a post that I'm particularly proud of; mostly because I've finally managed to document (and coin a term, I hope) for why things seem so bad, but aren't actually so bad.
HTTP/1.0 and the Connection header
…finally, over Christmas, I managed to post about HTTP things (-:

I was really hoping to do more. Last year, I suggested that I might turn my talk on Fifty tips, tricks and tools into a series of small blog posts, and I'd still like to do this. Hopefully in 2012. I also have a list of other things that I'm really interested in writing about. It's just matter of making time to do so. I plan to do that, this year. Starting with this post.

I'd also like to get around to writing a thing or two about beer, this year…

Much of what I said last year is still on my mind. I still miss the blogs we kept, 5+ years ago. Let's fix that.