1. My "other" hobby

    To get away from my computer (sort of) and refresh my mind, I like to spend some time every couple weeks (or more often) brewing my own beer. It's a cool hobby, and there's lots of overlap with software development. And I get beer out of it, which is a nice bonus (-:

    Anyway, a while back I wrote an article for uC Hobby, a site about microcontrollers, on my custom-built kegerator (keg refrigerator) and it was published, today. I didn't focus on the PHP side of the project (the part that collects data from the kegerator and turns it into usable data), but when the October issue of php|architect comes out, take a peek at the /etc column on rrdtool.

    Here's the article: Arduino Beer Thermostat.

    And a link to our brewing club's web site: MontreAlers.

    Feel free to ask any questions you might have, I'd love to discuss it, beer, or brewing.

    ((Update: Cool. It got linked from the Make blog.))