1. Stuck on a bus in Redmond

    So, I know I haven't blogged in a long time, but I couldn't pass this one up.

    A bunch of us are in Redmond at the Microsoft Developer Summit. Mostly PHP guys. A few core guys, even. Anyway, it ended a couple hours ago, and after a quick stop at the MS Company Store (where I picked up a cheap copy of MapPoint + GPS locator), our bus was hit by a car, and a bunch of us are stuck on it, in the middle of the freeway, waiting for the police to show up.

    Fortunately, I'm able to piggyback on someone's WIFI. Thanks myhome.westell.com!

    Anyway, as I mentioned, I just got a new GPS. Here's where we are:

    I've got 1:30 left on my battery. Hopefully we'll be back to the hotel by then. (-;